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 Dimension variabel
 [kunstwerk] krastal
Rauminstallation bestehend aus:installation consisting of:
 incomplete open cubes and two hens
punktgeschweiƟtes Gitter, 2 Hennenwire mesh, 2 hens
 incomplete open cubes and a dog
Strohhalme, Hunddrinking straws, dog
 incomplete open cubes and a horse
Partyzelte, Pferdparty tents, horse
 The Terschelling Works - Tam Tam
 Video 5'28'' (loop)
 The Terschelling Works - Nest
2 Fotos, 30*40cm gerahmt2 photos, 30*40cm framed
 d-c-fix column 
 Krastaler marble, 3 adhesive foil rolls (marble) 
 straws are cubes I -IV 
 black straws, mirrors, insulating board 
 69 von 2050 
 cardboard packaging, party tent poles framed
 Krastaler marble, adhesive foil (marble) 
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