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photo graz 014, Biennale der steirischen Fotokunst
duration: 22nd november - 13th december 2014

The Flat Earth Society, solo exhibition, Burgkapelle MMKK Klagenfurt
opening: 10th december 2014


opening of our solo exhibition The Flat Earth Society at the Burgkapelle MMKK Klagenfurt

opening:10th december 2014
duration:11th december 2014 - 1st march 2015
artist talk:29th january 2015

opening of the group exhibition the guests were props at the Lust Gallery Vienna

 including our work abc..., Hikaduwa 2014 
duration:9th of September - 5th of October 2014
artists:Veronika Hauer, Andreas Heller, Christopher Steinweber, zweintopf
curator:Roswitha Weingrill

opening of the group exhibition EINSCHMIEGEN II at art.endart Berlin

duration:29th august - 29th september 2014
artists:Christian Eisenberger, Karin Frank, G.R.A.M, Ronald Kodritsch, Ina loitzl, Claudia Nebel, Michael Petrowitsch, Michael Pinter / Lucina Viale, Erwin Stefanie Posarnig, Arnold Reinisch, Werner Reiterer, Judith Rohrmoser, Markus Wilfling, Josef WURM, zweintopf, Karl Karner
curator:erwin stefanie posarnig

new: The Terschelling Works


new work: nest


new work: incomplete open cubes and a horse


new work: dreaming of ...babylon


opening of the exhibition Kunst am Bau, competitions 2010-13
at the Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt

 including zweintopf's winning project vorbeivorbeivorbei Straßenunterführung Saag 
duration:23rd april - 30th april 2014
artists:Barbara & Christoph Abel Mit Kathrin Ackerer, Rudi Benetik, Armin Guerino, Tomas Hoke, Meta Justinek & Team, Gudrun Kampl, Hanno Kautz, Stephka Klaura, Melitta Moschik, Claus Prokop, Peter Raneburger, Jochen Traar, Karl Vouk, Petar Waldegg, Zorka Weiss, zweintopf

our new publication zweintopf 07-13 is now available!

orders via:zweintopf@gmail.com, 19 Euro

opening of the exhibiton Creative Futures at Sura Medura at the Briggait, Glasgow

 incomplete open cubes and a dog, Hikkaduwa 2014 
duration:3rd - 14th March 2014
artists:Hannah Brackston, Thor Mc Intyre Burnie, Jo Hodge & Robbie Coleman, Olivier Grossetete, Sita Iona Pieraccini, Maria Mc Cavana, Kit Mead, Tom Pritchard, Adrian Schvarzstein, Lindsay Sekulowicz, Mark Vernon, zweintopf

opening of the Colombo Art Biennale including our works:

Copy and Past

 Copy and Past, Sri Lanka 2014 
opening:30st January - 19:00
duration:31st January - 9th Febuary 2014
link:Homepage Colombo Art Biennale

opening of the exhibition Measures of Saving the World Part 4 at the <rotor> including our work:

objects saying something about nothing

 objects saying something about nothing, 2013 
duration:7th December 2013 - 28th Febuary 2014
artists:Dušica Dražić, He He, Marjetica Potrč, Klaus Schafler, Anna Witt, zweintopf
link:exhibiton at the <rotor> homepage